Quality Relationships require effort

Operating in the maritime community will require one at some point to engage with the Naval authorities.  SMD like many maritime organisations has benefited from a long list of employees who were formally Navy sailors, trained by the South African Navy (SAN) and decided to make a move to private sector.

Last week, we managed to engage some of our colleagues from STC -Southern Africa who also happen to be ex SAN sailors and facilitated a donation of both radio and life saving equipment to the STC-SA training school. We see this as an investment into the next generation, a generation who will be better equipped to manage the rough and turbulent seas.

SMD recognises the value of relationships that have been built overtime. Relationships and trust built overtime trumps all else in the maritime community. We are equally aware that relationships require effort.  Good relationships require us to be present in the relationship and doing our best to keep the relationship going. Our General Manager, Mr Vincent Joynt embodies this charge of keeping the relationship going with our partners and colleagues in the maritime space.  #Trust is earned. 

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